Zhang Yaxi - Contemporary Chinese Sculptor
Symposium Sculpture - An Giang, Vietnam

Zhang Yaxi was an invited sculptor at the 4th International Sculpture Symposium in Vietnam which took place in November and December 2003.

She created a very imposing head of a legendary Chinese figure, General Ba, in pink granite stone, ably assisted by two Vietnamese stone workers.

Monumental granite sculpture of legendary Chinese hero General Ba created by Zhang Yaxi during the 4th International Sculpture Symposium Vietnam 2003

Two stone workers and Zhang Yaxi in front of the General Ba sculpture - December 2003, Vietnam

Title: "Honorable Hero" (General Ba)
Medium: Pink granite
Size: approx. 2.30 metres
Location: An Giang Province, Vietnam

According to Yaxi: "This sculpture is about heroism and honour. The story of General Ba is well-known throughout all of Asia: 3000 years ago in China, he was attacked by an enemy army and asked his King for help to get rid of them. The King asked for three cities in return - however after the enemy was defeated, General Ba decided not to honour his promise but to send his own head to the King with the request that he take this offering instead of the three cities. The King was moved by this hero's gesture…. And so this story of heroism and honour has survived through the centuries."

Her comments about the symposium:" For me as a Chinese sculptor whose country is very close geographically to Vietnam, it was great to meet many people (including some sponsors) who are Vietnamese of Chinese descent, to see how they have retained some of their identity in this beautiful country and appreciate the similarity and differences between Vietnamese and Chinese cultures. I also enjoyed the excellent trips that we were taken on to form our "impressions" of An Giang Province. This region is extremely beautiful and its people are open and friendly. A symposium like this is a great opportunity for meeting and exchanging with both Vietnamese and foreign sculptors. A big thank you to all the organizers, sponsors and workers! "

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